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Victor leon

About Me

Victor Leon from Virginia (VA), Spotsylvania, Fredericksburg area, I am 20 years old of age.  I started my barber journey in January, in a barbershop.  I left the shop on September 5th to start my own thing, and ever since everything has just been skyrocketing.  before this i was a big football player i went to junior college(JUCO) for a little while soon to figure out life had different plans for me. December i had to make a huge desiocion and I chose to barber, ever since i fell in love with the game.  Its changed my life in so many ways and has made me meet amazing people.  I am very blessed for the work ive been able to implamint into this industry , and gladly doing it for the DMV as a barber.




Location: 5511 Rudy lane ,22407

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