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How to achieve this haircut!

This haircut is called a mid tight skin fade. It's called that because it's in the medium of the head and isn't to high , and isn't to low , the fade is very common , but so effective on the lady's !

-I first start with putting my bald guide lines with my gamma trimmers

-I then bald out the bottom with the babyliss foil shavers

-then I go up with my gamma XErgos , and with no guard open go up less then half a inch

  • I also remember this is a tight fade so I have to keep all my guide lines with my trimmers tight

  • I flick that line out with it closed , and I repeat with each guard going up !

  • I then at the end detail my work becuase it will set me apart from other barbers to get the work looking flawless

  • I then line him up and I apply color to his hairline , and I use tomb45 no drip enchancements (it gives it a very natural yet makes it pop look)

  • He didnt want a trim on top so we kept it

That is how I achieved this haircut

One of my favorite haircuts to do as a barber !

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